‘You Said – We’re doing’. Insights from our Global Higher Education Customer base and responses from a team of passionate technology providers.

Can traditional, campus-based universities adapt by choosing the right technologies and approaches for educating and engaging their students online? Watch the video today!

Now more than ever we are keen to understand the current and emerging challenges faced by our customers. It has been over six months since the global outbreak of COVID19, so we have asked our clients around the world how they have addressed their short-term challenges and how they are planning to deliver support for their students into an unknown future.


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We asked Universities all over the world what their plans were to succeed in a post-pandemic world. We will share with you insights gained directly from their responses.

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An understanding of the approaches they used to mitigate the impact on a rapid pivot to online.

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A Global and practical appreciation of how the campusM Mobile App Platform can support the sector to respond to rapidly changing demands.

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A demonstration of how we have adapted and evolved our solution to support a Global Higher Education community as the pandemic evolves and reshapes University life.

At CampusM we support our clients in supporting their students by listening, innovating and delivering. Watch this video with Matthew Sherlock, Director of Product Strategy, campusM Ex Libris, and learn more about the current and emerging challenges faced by our customers with the outbreak of COVID19, how they have addressed these in the short term and how they are planning to adapt to the new ‘normal’.


Meet our speaker

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Matthew Sherlock

Director of Porduct Strategy, campusM Ex Libris