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[Webinar]  A Practical Guide to Track, Trace, and Intervention -

How CampusM can work for Students and Staff as part of a Covid secure Campus.




As campuses reopen to new and returning students, plans for Covid security are going to be put to the test both on and off the campus. Everyone, students, staff and the local community need to feel safe, informed, and well supported.

In these uncertain times Higher Education Institutions require systems that they can rely on, systems that can provide fast, accurate and meaningful data.


campusM transforms your covid secure plans into personalised mobile experiences

Working collaboratively with you - Ex Libris campusM delivers a range of services such as ‘track and trace’ and ‘quick polls’ to get instant information about the wellbeing of your students to support compliance with local regulations.


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Student, Staff, and Faculty Engagement

How a highly effective ‘track and trace’ facility within the CampusM app uses QR codes to provide location data from across the University Campus.

TIP #2

Monitoring Student Wellbeing

The use of ‘quick polls’ can help monitor on a regular basis signs of Covid in a wide range of different student groupings. Duty of care during the pandemic requires getting the right message to the right people at the right time information in a situation where guidance changes quickly. You can update and inform students 24/7 via their mobiles.

TIP #3

New Normal, Old Normal

No-one really knows what the next 12-18 months is going to have in store, but with the flexible solutions in place provided by CampusM, you can provide your students and staff with certainty without having to reinvest in new pieces of technology.



The Webinar is Postponed -
we will announce the new date soon