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[video]  How versatile mobile platforms can help transform a student’s digital experience throughout their entire student lifecycle

A fully integrated campus just got easier




Mobile and smartphone technology has changed how we process information and how we navigate our lives. On today's academic campuses, it is more evident than ever, that these new approaches can benefit students social and academic lives greatly.


campusM transforms campus services into personalised mobile experiences

Deliver prospect, students, alumni and other university users a consistent and personalised
experience across all devices and maximise the value of your campus services. campusM delivers a mobile app and portal that helps you deliver on your strategic goals and gives your students a one-stop shop for everything they need.


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Student Recruitment and Applicant Conversion

campusM gives institutions the ideal platform to connect with prospective students, applicants, parents, and other guests throughout this important part of the student life cycle. It enables them to access the right information from their mobiles whenever and wherever they need it., ensuring that you keep them engaged throughout every stage of their journey to becoming a student.

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Student Engagement

Institutions can engage with their students 24/7 on a personal level, giving a holistic, consolidated view of university systems and services ensuring full engagement and the best possible learning outcome. In addition, campusM offers institutions in-depth analytics to assess the impact of their digital strategy.

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Alumni Community

Institutions can leverage campusM to provide their alumni community with access to services, news, and updates which are specifically tailored for them and sent directly to their mobile devices.

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Case Study by the University of Cape Town

Learn first hand from the University of Cape Town why they chose campusM and how campusM delivers a mobile platform that helps the University to support students and deliver on their strategic goals.