Industry report

Challenges among researchers and research office leaders during COVID-19

What challenges do researchers face during COVID-19 and what are the key opportunities for research offices and libraries to support scholarship at higher-ed institutions?

This Ex Libris-commissioned report presents findings from a survey of 300+ researchers across a range of disciplines and 100+ senior members of research offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

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The report highlights findings in the following topics:

  • Research funding: Researchers' experience when searching relevant funding opportunities and applying for grants.
  • Impact measurement: Which metrics are most used and what are the current issues with citation-based metrics.
  • Institutions ranking & prestige: Are schools able to efficiently showcase scholar's work and expertise?
  • Research offices & libraries: Key areas of collaboration.
  • Open Access: Did the outbreak of COVID-19 change researchers' support for Open Access?
  • Administrative burden: Which activities researchers conduct themselves as opposed to getting help from others.



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