Want to learn about Rapido?

Ex Libris Rapido is transforming library resource sharing into an outstanding experience for both users and library staff.

This one-hour webinar featured a live Q&A session with 3 of our early customers - Ithaca College, Brandeis University and University of Wisconsin Madison - and the Rapido product team.

Download the slides here, or watch the video below.

Rapido is a discovery-to-delivery library resource sharing platform, focused on staff efficiency and user services. You'll walk away from this webinar knowing that:

- For staff, Rapido automates and simplifies the borrowing and lending processes, helping staff manage a high volume of requests efficiently.

- For users, Rapido provides a central location where they can find the materials they need with a frictionless experience for getting those materials quickly.

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Speak with a Rapido expert

Presenters in the webinar came from:

Brandeis seal

Brandeis University


Ithaca College


The University of Wisconsin–Madison


Ex Libris Rapido Team