Getting the Most Out of Your Reading List Solution

Reading list solutions help faculty incorporate a wide variety of assets into the classroom. And when integrated to the library services platform and LMS, they allow faculty to easily utilize existing library assets as well as OER, and other freely available content in the classroom.
Data drives decisions about which resources to use in the classroom, and how the library can further support course materials. Which assets are popular (or not) among students for a specific class? How well is the library collection utilized in the classroom, and which departments are making use of which resources? Which resources are students paying for today, and could the library explore making them, or near-equivalents, available? These questions touch on the broader issues of learning affordability and OER, optimal resource utilization, and the management and distribution of e-resources in an increasingly online world.
Join Ex Libris’ teaching and learning solutions specialist, Jessie Ransom, as she explores Leganto reports and analytics that faculty can use to understand student engagement and develop the most effective course materials, and that librarians can utilize to understand how their collections and services support teaching and learning.

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Amy Liakopoulos, Campus Engagement Manager

Jessie Ransom, Teaching and Learning Product Specialist