Leganto Now

Supporting institutions affected
by COVID-19


The Leganto Now initiative offers libraries fast implementation and rollout of the Leganto course resource list solution, to support transition to online learning. With Leganto, libraries can deliver course resources at scale by:

  • Providing remote access to academic course resources
  • Identifying electronic versions of books and digitizing book chapters
  • Making online course resources affordable
  • Assisting faculty to transition classes to online instruction

Leganto Now Initiative

The Leganto Now initiative offers:

  • Quick implementation of Leganto based on out-of-the-box product configuration. Tuning and improvements can take place after the first semester of using Leganto.
  • Integration with the learning management system.
  • Two days of guidance to library and faculty focusing on the switch to online learning and the support of affordable learning

By joining the Leganto Now initiative, you will be able to support online learning at scale already in the upcoming academic term.

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