June 1 - July 1, 2021


Ex Libris Knowledge Days is an opportunity to take your understanding of the Ex Libris suite of products to the next level. You've gone through implementation, you've been using the product, now it's time to really fine-tune your workflows or explore ways to maximize your use of Ex Libris products at your library. Register for these free webinars, or watch the recordings when it's convenient for you!


Ex Libris products provide an amazing array of configuration options, and at Knowledge Days you'll learn how to utilize those features at your institution. We want you to come away with a concrete understanding of how to implement or optimize your workflows, be able to run reports that enable you to mine valuable intelligence from your library systems, and gain greater understanding of system configurations that enable you to support your institution's goals.


Our instructors are all Ex Libris employees who are experts in their area of work. You'll get the content you want, delivered from the people who know this software inside and out: our trainers, implementers, and support staff.

If you were unable to attend Knowledge Days 2020, be sure to view our Best of Knowledge Days recordings here!

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Session Information
All Knowledge Days sessions will be offered twice to help accommodate more time zones. Click the Register button to see the options for each session. These webinars will be recorded and made available for offline viewing on the Knowledge Center for those with scheduling conflicts.

Handling Related Records

June 1, 2021 

During this session, we will look at how Alma handles the following relations between bibliographic records:

  • Bound together titles
  • A journal that has changed names
  • A resource available as a physical format and as an electronic format
  • A link to one specific article in a journal or collection of essays.

For the above cases, we will see how the configuration is done in Alma what what the ramifications in Primo are.

Intended Audience:

  • Catalogers


Alma Analytics for Beginners

June 3, 2021

New to analytics? Just getting started? Become more familiar with Analytics by learning about the infrastructure, running several out-of-the- box analyses and editing the requested output to make the results more useful. In addition to reviewing the basic mechanics of editing these reports, we'll build several simple analyses. This session is also beneficial to Leganto users who are starting to report on usage.

Intended Audience:

  • New Alma Users
  • Anyone Interested in learning about reporting in Alma


Managing E-Resources: The Basics

June 8, 2021

This session will expose attendees to the management of electronic resources and best practices in general.

Topics covered include:

  • Acquiring electronic resources
  • Activating electronic collections and portfolios
  • Testing and confirming access to e-resources

Intended Audience:

  • New Alma Users
  • Electronic Services Librarians
  • Acquisition Staff


Central Discovery Index

June 10, 2021

Learn about the Central Discovery Index, Ex Libris' new index containing more than 4 billion records indexed. In this session, you'll learn more about the content in the database as well as how resources are activated.

Intended Audience:

  • Discovery Admins


Managing COUNTER-Compliant Usage Data

June 15, 2021

COUNTER usage statistics from vendors can be loaded to Alma either manually or via automated SUSHI harvesting. After the usage statistics are loaded in Alma it is possible to report on the usage and cost per use via Alma Analytics.

During this session we will see how COUNTER reports can be loaded to Alma and then how to use 'out of the box' ready-to-use Analytics reports, or create customized analytics reports. The majority of the session will focus on the analytics side.

Intended Audience:

  • Acquisitions and Electronic Resources Management Staff



Optimize and Streamline Alma Workflows

June 17, 2021

Have you been live on Alma for a while? Wondering what you can easily do to optimize your use of Alma? In this session, we will highlight configuration tweaks and Analytics reports across Acquisitions, Resource Management, and Fulfillment that you can use to begin to streamline your configurations and workflows.

Intended Audience:

  • Systems Librarians
  • Acquisitions, Fulfillment, and Resource Management Administrators and Staff


Overlap Analysis and Deselection Tools with Alma Analytics

June 22, 2021

More and more institutions are looking for extra physical space in the library for additional activities. Alma Analytics can help the institution to identify which physical items are candidates for deselection.

During this session we will learn how to run extensive and powerful default ready-to-use report and dashboards to find titles which are candidates for deselection because they are either:

  • Available in both physical and electronic formats
  • Available in only physical format but have a very low or non-existent usage (no loans).

Intended Audience:

  • Acquisitions and Electronic Resources Management Staff


Designing and Using Normalization Rules

June 24, 2021

Normalization rules can be used to edit bibliographic records automatically at various stages, including when importing, exporting, saving in the metadata editor, and on existing record already in the database.

During this session we will look at the rule syntax, record elements and various conditions. Actual institution use cases will be investigated and the normalization rules will be run on records as they move through various stages of Alma.

Intended Audience:

  • Catalogers


Managing E-Resources: Advanced

June 29, 2021

If you are experienced in managing e-resources in Alma, and want to learn more ways to leverage Alma's workflows and options, this session is for you. Topics covered include:
Leveraging Alma's evaluation workflows by managing trials
  • Creating electronic inventory by using import profiles
  • De-activating and deleting e-resources
  • Configuring and maintaining e-resources

Intended Audience:

  • Electronic Services Librarians
  • Acquisitions Staff
  • Trial Operators/Managers


Fundamentals of Sets and Jobs

July 1, 2021

Information can be defined as a Set from the Repository Search, Analytics, Job Reports, and more. Sets can be used by Alma Jobs for multiple purposes such as post-migration cleanup, data correction or enrichment, export to third party, Course updates, email notifications to targeted groups, and more.

Intended Audience:

  • Any operator interested in using Sets and Jobs


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