Ex Libris Knowledge Days
will be a free online event in Spring 2021
This will be a bi-weekly webinar series.

In January a survey will go out to get feedback on the topics of highest interest for the 2021 sessions.

As more information is available on the 2021 Ex Libris Knowledge Days we will publish any updates here. Please look out for a survey in January. We would like your input on what sessions would be most valuable for you.

In light of the cancellation of the 2020 Knowledge Days conference, Ex Libris recorded the “Best of Ex Libris Knowledge Days” webinar series, our most popular sessions presented as recorded virtual classes.

The Best of Ex Libris Knowledge Days Webinar Series
View the recordings of our most popular Ex Libris Knowledge Days sessions via recorded webinars, click here.

Using Alma Analytics to Perform Overlap Analysis & Deselection

More and more institutions are looking for extra space in their libraries for additional activities. Alma Analytics can help you with deselection (weeding). Learn how to run reports to find titles that are available in both physical and electronic formats, and how to see which physical items have multiple copies with low or no loan history.

Reveal Alma Analytics for Resource Management

During this advanced session, the focus will be on all things Resource Management. We’ll create several analyses such as:
- Electronic collections content
- Identifying Bib records by OCLC number as part of update or change process

Investigate Alma Analytics for Acquisitions

During this advanced session, the focus will be on all things Acquisitions. We’ll create several analyses such as:
- A budget summary
- Cost changes of subscriptions

Managing Electronic Resources: Advanced Topics

If you are experienced in managing e-resources in Alma, and want to learn more ways to leverage Alma's workflows and options, this session is for you. Topics covered include:
- Leveraging Alma's evaluation workflows by managing trials
- Creating electronic inventory by using import profiles
- De-activating and deleting e-resources
- Configuring and maintaining e-resources

Letter Configuration and XSL Customization

Letters sent via Alma may be configured in multiple ways.  In this session we will show how to add fields to the letters which are not in the default versions.  We will also use advanced xsl features to add fields on condition, change the formatting of the text, concatenate fields, and add conditions in the xsl whether or not to print the letter. All examples will be done live and we will see the configuration and results together.  While making these changes we will see how to preview configuration changes to the xsl before actually sending the letter.

Intro to Primo Analytics

Learn how to use Primo Analytics to analyze patron usage and run reports on Primo activities. See how this new feature can provide information on how to improve discovery and delivery in Primo.

Explore Alma Analytics for Fulfillment

During this advanced session, the focus will be on all things Fulfillment. We’ll create several analyses such as:
- Users by region of the world
- Overdues aging report

APIs and Integrations for the Non-Technological

Do you find yourself shying away from talk of APIs or integrations in Alma, for lack of technical expertise? Do you ever wonder if you can really set up that integration without a dedicated IT staff person? In this session, we’ll discuss the basics of how APIs work and show you a few integrations that you can set up with minimal technical knowledge.

Optimize and Streamline Alma Workflows

Have you been live on Alma for a while?  Wondering what you can easily do to optimize your use of Alma?  In this session, we will highlight configuration tweaks and Analytics reports across Acquisitions, Cataloging, ERM, and Fulfillment that you can use to begin to streamline your configurations and workflows.

Effective Usage of Primo Analytics Reports and Dashboards

Looking for more information about how to use reports in Primo Analytics? During this session we will review several topics and display tricks in building effective reports, including
- Common Primo Analytics procedures
- Creating, scheduling, and displaying reports and dashboards
- Subject areas and action types included in Analytics for reporting
- How to configure graphs and tables, and concatenate fields for displaying reports
- How to use prompts and filters to enhance reports
- How to use regular expressions and perform mathematical operations on data within reports

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Ex Libris Knowledge Days is an opportunity to take your understanding of the Ex Libris suite of products to the next level. You've gone through implementation, you've been using the product, now it's time to really fine-tune your workflows or explore ways to maximize your use of Ex Libris products at your library. 


Ex Libris products provide an amazing array of configuration options, and at Knowledge Days you'll learn how to utilize those features at your institution. We want you to come away with a concrete understanding of how to implement or optimize your workflows, be able to run reports that enable you to mine valuable intelligence from your library systems, and gain greater understanding of system configurations that enable you to support your institution's goals.


Our instructors are all Ex Libris employees who are experts in their area of work. You'll get the content you want, delivered from the people who know this software inside and out: our trainers, implementers, and support staff.

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