Industry Report:

Managing, Accessing and Using Course Materials

Understanding the Challenges of Faculty and Students

The accelerated shift to online learning has placed an additional burden on institutions and faculty to adapt course materials to the needs and preferences of students, while continuing to focus affordable learning and resource diversification initiatives.

This Ex Libris-commissioned report uncovers trends and challenges arising from the transition to online learning and highlights opportunities for institutions and libraries to support faculty and students.

The report highlights findings in the following topics:

  • -- How much administrative burden is placed on faculty in managing course resources
  • -- To what extent faculty use academic libraries when searching for course resources
  • -- What is the current level of collaboration between faculty and libraries, and what are the opportunities for stronger partnership
  • -- What methods are used by faculty for measuring student engagement with course materials
  • -- What steps faculty are taking to reduce the cost of course materials
  • -- What key issues students face in accessing course materials online

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