Does your Institution have the vision for the 2020s?

How are you to respond to dynamic external pressures? Download our e-book to discover the challenges Universities face in 2020 and how to move beyond them. 
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What's in the eBook?

As the 2020’s usher in a set of challenges both old and new, single department-based responses will no longer cut it. The internal production of the tools that are needed is now too costly and too slow.

Universities are multi-layered, siloed and complex and so demand many hands working together to pull the levers of change.

Policies, ‘nudges’ and ‘interventions’ now need data to direct and measure their worth.
Internal and external partnerships are now required. Partnerships cemented by the production and interpretation of data.
Working together across and beyond the walls of the University has never been so necessary.

About the Author


Brian Hipkin
Keynote speaker, writer and consultant for Higher Education

In 2015, Brian established ReFRAME HE Consultancy Ltd, which focuses on the Student Experience and Edtech it draws upon his extensive experience as an academic, university Dean and HE consultant. For 4 years he was vice chair of AMOSSHE (the Student Services organisation). He has advised a number of leading Edtech companies on how they work successfully with Universities in the UK.


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