Maximize the impact of research

We believe behind every research successful institution is a highly effective research office delivering outstanding services, across all disciplines. 

Watch this video and learn more about your path to create research impact.


Maximize the impact of research

To help you placing your research office at the heart of the institution’s academic ecosystem, the Ex Libris Research suite offers holistic data, so you can gain visibility into institutional research output, benchmark performance metrics, and ensure open access compliance. Watch this video and find out more.

Ghislain Onestas
Research Solution Expert

Ghislain Onestas is the Research Suite Solution Sales Manager for EMEA at Ex Libris, working closely with customers, guiding them towards a better understanding of their research activities, enabling them to attract top researchers, secure funding, facilitate collaborations, benchmark with peers, and allocate resources. Prior to joining Ex Libris, Ghislain worked for Clarivate Analytics as a Solutions Specialist/Consultant. Ghislain has an extensive experience in solutions supporting Scientific and academic research, advising institutions to adjust their research strategy, demonstrate impact, or attract global collaborators.