The last several years have seen urgent and substantial changes in all aspects of research and teaching– and changes within the library itself. Libraries continue to serve a critical part in this transformation. You need a partner who can help you build library services to give your users the best possible experience.

Embrace your role at the heart of research and teaching and continue your commitment to innovation and faculty success. Book a consultation with an expert team and learn more about Alma and other resources to help elevate your library.
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You Don't Have to Juggle the Library
on Your Own

As a multitasking librarian, the growing demand for electronic resources have become even more critical than ever before, and the increasing expectations from researchers and faculties are just two of the many daily challenges that you have to face.

While librarians strive to provide excellent service, knowledge and value to patrons, they must also deal with a lot of responsibilities while faced with the dilemma of shrinking budgets – less personnel, inadequate technology, and limited resources.


Unlock the potential of your library.

Easy to Onboard
The setup is simple and your local Ex Libris team will assist you to make sure your staff get comfortable quickly.
Alma can be as straight forward as you need it. Reduce the current number of systems. Choose a library system that connects easily to other systems.
Alma pricing is malleable to your size and provided in the cloud which means that no extra hardware or IT support is needed.

Alma is also for you

Alma is the leading choice for libraries, regardless of size or type. Alma has been built to give you a simple way to work, so you don’t have to compromise on a secure, efficient and affordable solution.
So you can focus on the work that matters the most.

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Working closely together with other Alma customers in your region. Enable processes created by other libraries. Be part of a live community for tips and best practices.
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Connect your library to the world through the Ex Libris Cloud Apps Open Framework and gain access to even more library services provided by the innovative Alma community.
Ex Libris has more than three decades of experience and follows certified security and privacy standards.
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