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[Video]  Can your library reach its full potential?

Libraries raise people’s aspirations and promote lifelong learning, but how can you have full visibility and control over their resources? Sign up to our Webinar and find out how the Library of the Scuola Normale Superiore is a real partner for their students and academics.




Managing a library involves endless decisions around time and resources, busy periods, supply and demand, indexing titles, and lots more. You need to analyse data and generate reports, helping library managers and staff to quickly navigate these areas with confidence. 



You need to bring your library to the people who use it. You must deliver a seamless search experience and allow users to skim and immerse themselves in all of your resources either in-person or from home. 


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One home for everything

Now more than ever, libraries are building a diverse collection of print and digital resources. Instead of moving data and toggling between different systems, you should be able to manage everything in one place and provide a unified picture of your library’s resources.

TIP #2

Easy integration with digital

You need to allow for integration with digital collections. Key to a good solution is the ability to migrate existing data and uploads from third-party systems, either individually or in bulk. 

TIP #3

Access insights and analytics

Reports and analytics give you an instant overview of what’s happening, helping you to make smarter decisions. You will learn how to integrate these insights into the system, giving you facts across key areas of the library and making it possible to plan ahead. 

TIP #4

Support other libraries

By working together, you can share catalogues, manage resources, and streamline batch imports and asset searches. 


TIP #5

Built around your needs

We’re often asked how to integrate with existing library infrastructures. An open platform must be designed specifically for the task, so you can integrate with a wide range of system standards – everything must be tailored to your requirements, so there are no compromises. 

TIP #6

Experiences of SNS in these challenging times

Hear first hand from Paola Mancini how the library was able to adapt in these extraordinary times and at the same time support their students and academics in the most efficient way possible, while working remotely.

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