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Are you making it easy for students to check into class, on and off campus?

Empower students to take control of their attendance reporting with a Self-Check-In App.


What’s included

Attendance has the potential to transform the experiences of students, lecturers and administrators. The campusM Attendance case study draws on the experience of five universities leveraging Attendance data to:


Promote Student Wellbeing

Learn more about how universities are using Attendance to engage, build student communities and give students agency.


Simplify Compliance and Regulations

Centralized attendance capture makes it easier to create reports for student visa re-approval processes.


Facilitate Cost and Effort Savings

No more pen and paper, no more hardware. All students & instructors need to do is check-in is their mobile device.

"The University has a duty of care for students, who are going through completely new life experiences throughout their academic journey. It is vitally important that institutions can identify students who may need additional support, and attendance can help us here.”

Gary Brewerton, Loughborough University Middleware and Library Systems Manager.