To maximize the value of the research conducted by its academic faculty, the library at Brandeis University took a fresh look at its scholarly communication approach and supporting infrastructure. It is now focusing on improved research information management through a new research repository, making research output and data, and the researchers themselves, easier to discover to others around the world. To be effective, the library worked closely with the research office and other stakeholders to develop a comprehensive needs assessment and rollout plan.

Join Mark as he shares how Brandeis began, and continues, this journey to put the library at the heart of scholarly communications and discovery, to promote Brandeis as a center of excellence for research.


Specific topics will include:

  • - What is the library’s role in scholarly communications?
  • -How does the research repository support a comprehensive  research information management approach?
  • -What are the key challenges to partnering with researchers and the research office?
  • -What are the key steps when developing and executing the plan?
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Mark Paris, AUL for Scholarly Resources and Discovery, Brandeis University

jessica clemons headshot

Jessica Clemons, Research Solutions Expert

Sara branch headshot square2

Dr. Sara Branch, Research Solutions Expert

Bob headshot square

Dr. Bob Banerjee  Director of Marketing, Ex Libris