IT - Reopening and Reimagining the College Campus

Campus IT has risen to the virtualization challenges of our pandemic-ridden times. The sudden transition to remote teaching and learning, ensuring equitable access to technology and connectivity, effective communication channels with students and staff and substituting paper-based processes with electronic workflows are just a few of the hurdles that have been overcome.

But for some, the pandemic presents a compelling event - an opportunity to rethink how to deliver certain services, and they have implications for the highest level of campus administration. IT’s role in the current pandemic and its role in reimagining the institution as a whole, will be discussed in detail by a panel of Higher Education IT experts.

Join the webinar to learn about strategies you can apply to make your institution better prepared for an increasingly virtual world.

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Mark Staples Personal Headshot

Dr. Mark Staples - Senior Vice President and CIO at the College of Charleston

matt alex square

Matthew Alex - Founder of Beyond Academics, LLC

Fred Headshot square

Frederik Creugers - Senior Director of North American Sales Solutions at Ex Libris

Bob headshot square

Dr. Bob Banerjee - Director of Marketing at Ex Libris